There can be no argument that Seiko is a world leader in watch innovation. Established in 1881, Seiko produced the first wrist watch in 1913 and the first quartz watch in 1969. Technology has been at the heart of this corporation and they are experts in micro-engineering and metallurgy. Seiko has earned the honor of keeping time at major world sporting events since the Tokyo Olympics in 1964. Technology used in their lines include automatic, kinetic, mechanical, quarts, solar, spring drive and GPS Solar to keep precision time. They offer a wide array of styles from Chronograph, diving, aviator to rose gold and sapphire crystal. There is a Seiko watch for any occasion.

Seiko SUR009P1

€138.99 RRP €199.00

Seiko SSC009P1

€244.99 RRP €349.00

Seiko SRPC11K1

€188.99 RRP €269.00

Seiko SGG735P1

€188.99 RRP €269.00

Seiko SGG731P1

€160.99 RRP €229.00

Seiko SNE363P1

€132.99 RRP €189.00

Seiko SPB037J1

€544.99 RRP €779.00

Seiko SKP393P1

€278.99 RRP €399.00

Seiko SSE096J1

€1293.99 RRP €1850.00

Seiko SSE087J1

€1293.99 RRP €1850.00

Seiko SSE051J1

€1223.99 RRP €1750.00

Seiko SRP775K1

€306.99 RRP €439.00