Privacy policy

You will find that our Optimus Watches privacy policy is in step with the policies practiced by most major retailers.

Visiting, registering with, or purchasing products from will require giving out certain pieces of personal information. Your name and contact information are two excellent examples of what you will need to give us. We can also use your experiences with browsing the site and exchanging emails to make certain determinations.

All of your information is important to us

We will not sell or trade it to ANY third parties. You will want to note that because we have both a personal distribution center and, we sometimes rely on Amazon to fulfill our orders. You will find that Amazon shares our views on maintaining strict privacy policies with customers. In terms of our relationship to Amazon, we will only give them relevant shipping information related to your order. We will not give them anything else.

You will find that Optimus Watches is in complete compliance with the European Union Data Protection and Consumer Legislation Act. When you contact or place an order with our company, you are agreeing in principle that we are allowed to contact you for any of the reasons mentioned above. You are also agreeing that this is not a breach of your rights under the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations of 2003. You should also keep in mind that Optimus Watches will not send you random emails, which is also known as spam.

The only situation in which Optimus Watches would give out your personal info is if an entity of the law (such as the police) requests it.


You should also keep in mind that Optimus Watches utilizes cookies to store details you choose to share with us.