Free watch bracelet adjustment

Leather straps usually have no problem with fit upon arrival but metal bracelets can be more difficult and often require a trip to a jeweler in order to get proper fit. At Optimus Watches we aim to deliver you watch ready to wear out of the box. In order to get the best fit possible out of the box we offer the following suggestions so we can employ the measurements to ensure proper fit:

• Simply type your wrist measurement into the order form in either inches or centimeters in the Notes section. We will then set the links to fit that measurement and include extra links in case adjustments need to be made in the future.

• In order to measure your wrist, use a piece of string and a ruler. Leave approximately 1/4” or about half of a centimeter slack to prevent the bracelet from being too tight.

• If an extra-long bracelet is required, we will have to obtain the links from the manufacturer and will contact you with any delays or applicable charges.

Watches with bracelets adjusted by Optimus Watches prior to being shipped are still eligible for refund under our refund policy.