Swiss made Mido watches

Published: 4th August 2016
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One of the first things you will want to note about Mido is going to be the name itself. Translated from its original Spanish, the name essentially means “to measure.” Since their formation in 1886, Mido has worked to build a formidable reputation for stylish, strong watches that can appeal to a wide variety of individuals. Although the name is now associated with Swatch, there is no question that Mido remains a brand that is very much its own entity. The MIDO M021.431.16.071.00 Mens Classic Watch is just one example of the products that you can find through this inspiring, compelling company.


MIDO M022. Ladies Classic Watch

This ladies classic watch is a great example of what you can find through the Mido line. Weighing 102g, this impressive luxury watch offers automatic movement, a 5 BAR water resistancy rating, and a metal bracelet. The decorative touches for this watch are definitely worth studying. Taken as a whole, they do a nice job of emphasizing the high-quality elegance that has gone into the creation of these watches. You have the PVD rose planting, but this is nicely coupled with the diamonds that also make up this product. The automatic movement and glass back are also distinctive, intriguing components.


MIDO M005.614.36.031.00 Mens Classic Watch

Sophistication is the hallmark of this men’s classic watch. You are definitely going to be pulled in by the immense, exceptional attention to detail that can be found here. The leather bracelet is just one of the elegant touches you can enjoy here. The dimensions of 44x44x14.5 also feature chronometer and tachometer in the dial department. From a glass standpoint, you’re going to want to be aware of the sapphire element. The automatic/chronographic movement is another feature that you’re going to want to check out. This particular example of the classic watch possibilities from Mido offers supreme style in the most durable, functional fashion possible.


MIDO M021.431.16.071.00 Mens Classic Watch

Offering a low-key weight of 75g, this is one of the lighter offerings from the Mido line. At the same time, it still brings to the table the sophistication and effortless style that one might demand from the Mido line. This leather bracelet product features a grey dial color, in addition to automatic movement. The dimensions come out to 40x40x11. In terms of water resistancy, you’ll definitely want to be aware of the fact that these watches come with a BAR rating of 5. The round, stainless steel case features a glass back.


MIDO M8600.4.18.1 Mens Classic Watch

The particulars of this classic men’s watch from Mido are certainly intriguing. The first thing you’ll come to notice will be the weight and dimensions. In terms of dimensions, this specific item from Mido comes in 38x38x9. The weight of the watch is approximately 125g. The stainless steel clasp type is one of the first things you’ll want to note, but you’re also likely to notice the sapphire glass, as well. The metal bracelet is nicely coupled with the black dial color.


Mido offers remarkable luxury watches for a variety of people.