Swiss made Luminox watches

Published: 29th February 2016
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Explore self-powered illumination system The story of the Luminox began in 1989 when CEO member Barry Cohen heard about a unique Swiss self-powered illumination system. He thought that this additional tool would be useful for the watches business and will allow to have better view in reading time in low or no light situations. Barry contacted the owner and acquired access to use the technology of unique illumination system. He installed this system into a watch and that’s how new brand was born. Today Luminox watches are selling in more than 30 countries around the world.

Sea series

Starting with a very basic model Luminox grew up and produced more various models. In 1993 Luminox created a diving model. At the same year the procurement officer for the Navy SEALs contacted Luminox and informed that company need a watch for night missions. Officer asked about a possibility if their company could re-engineer a new dive watch to meet rigorous requirements. It took a couple of months to make this watch and in 1994 a new diving watch was offered to the Navy teams. It was an instant success and company expanded the collection to include a variety of dial colours and began offering diving watches. Ultimately an entire line of watches was created and called Sea Series.

Luminox A.4221.CW

Luminox A.4221.CW

This watch is a superb piece from a Sea Series. Classic style watch is designed for a diving with 20 BAR water resistance. You don't need to “charge” watch in the light because there are tiny tubes filled with a special material that luminates 24/7. High quality watch with sapphire glass and anti reflective coat will serve for many years.

Air series

While Navy SEAL watches was gained and renown, Luminox was contacted by U.S. Air Force F-117 Nighthawk fighter jet pilots. Luminox ordered and made watches especially for them. That’s the story how the first aviation collection was born. Popular air series includes F-117 Nighthawk, F-22 Raptor, F-35 Lightning II, P-38 Lightning and SR-71 Blackbird. Every year, Luminox add new models to this series.

Luminox A.6402

Luminox A.6402

One of the best watches in Air series is Luminox A.6402. Watch is made from stainless steel and has a sapphire glass with anti-reflecting coat to ensure that the watch would not be scratched easily. The watch was made in matte black to avoid flashes and reflections. The Swiss Quartz movement is inside the case and filled with Luminox light technology gas tubes to ensure watch's visibility conditions.

Land and Space Series

The Luminox Land series represent watches especially designed for professionals in military, law enforcements, SAWT teams and other areas. These series offer a variety of models in a Swiss Quartz movement and automatic rounding. Best-selling are the Atacama Field Chrono watches which are functional with an updated retro look. Land series are not only suitable in a military field but also in a daily life too.

Space Series

It is another impressive Luminox collection which was designed for XCOR Aerospace. Luminox has earned a reputation for durability, toughness and visibility in all light conditions, made the perfect space in timepiece for this reason got a trust by elite forces around the world.

Luminox A.1941.BO

Luminox A.1941.BO

The Luminox X.1941.BO has a solid stainless steel case, screw-down crown, water resistance and tritium-tubes for continuous illumination. The watch also filled with additional functions like chronometer, alarm clock, date function. Luminox A.5023 Attractive sports watch from Space is powered by a Swiss Quartz movement and has a black Iron-plated stainless steel case. Black big dial provides even more impressive view and gives attractiveness.