Smart watch - is it really worth getting one?

Published: 22nd February 2017
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We have received lots of inquiries about smart watches. Seeing this massive interest, I’ll try to help you deciding.


How often do you use your smartphone?

We don’t really imagine our lives without smartphones these days. There are apps that do almost everything your smart watch will, except it wont track your heart rate.

How much do you exercise?

For people that exercise very often, lets say you ride a bike or go running for couple of hours everyday. In this case, smart watch might not be a bad idea. It gathers great info about your daily routine and activities, providing visualized reports and tracking data. Whilst classic sports watch like G-Shock from Casio will not track any off that.

How tech-savvy are you?

Using GPS will drain your watch battery in approximately 12 hours.

It means there will be one more gadget to charge before you go to bed…

Also, if you are a believer of frequencies that surround you, you might not want to have hundreds of electrical devices around you. Here’s a nice read why…


And it all comes to...

Smart watches will never replace mechanical or luxury watches, but it might replace all other electronic watches that do not have any fancy features.

Meanwhile, check our new collections (Festina, Timberland) that come with sporty looks, decent functions and reasonable prices.