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Published: 1st December 2016
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Founded in 1950 in Tokyo, Japan, Orient watches has been producing some of the best Japanese-made watches to be found anywhere. Their watches are going to prove again and again that Japan produces watches as exceptional as the ones you can find with the Swiss. Furthermore, you’re going to be impressed by the fact that you can find self-winding and hand-winding watches. All of the movements for these beautiful watches are made in-house in Japan. If you are looking for great Japanese watches, you have most certainly come to the right place with Orient watches.


Simplicity and class combined into one..

Orient FDB0A005W0 - Offering a weight of 55g, this classic watch for men from Orient is just one example of what this watchmaker brings to the table. The 36x36x13 dimensions makes for a unique watch, and you’ll want to keep in mind that the leather bracelet has a length of 22cm. The round case is also noteworthy, and you’ll the stainless steel back and glass back to be two very intriguing possibilities to consider. This watch also comes with a water resistancy rating of 5 BAR. The white dial color and mineral glass are also attractive parts to this Orient watch.



The 127g weight is just one of the things to this watch that you’ll notice. Explore the watch in greater detail, and you’re going to find even more to be excited about. The 44x44x9 dimensions makes for a dynamic, profound watch that almost anyone can enjoy. The metal bracelet is another interesting element, and you’ll want to note that the length of that bracelet is approximately 22cm. The round case is going to be worth paying attention to, and the case also comes with the benefit of being stainless steel, as well. That means this watch can stand up to much.


ORIENT FEM0401PU9 - Stainless steel Watch

The 38x38x12 dimensions also include a bracelet length of 22cm. Going further along this excellent offering from the Orient line, you’ll also want to pay attention to the stainless steel clasp type. The stainless steel element to these watches can also be found in the case itself. With the case, you’re also talking about something that features stainless steel. Couple that with the 3 BAR rating, and you’re going to have a Japanese watch that is going to be able to stand up nicely to basic stress.




Watch from Orient that’s worth paying attention to, this timepiece features a bracelet length of 22cm. The round case makes for a nice, comfortable fit. You’ll also want to be aware of the stainless design to the case, in addition to the attractive glass back. The clasp type is stainless steel, as well. The PVD gold plated decorations makes for a nice marriage of harmonious visuals with the inclusion of the black dial color. The power level indicator for the dial is yet another feature to check out.


Orient watches are truly a sight to behold. They can make for fine gifts for a wide variety of individuals.

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