G-Shock Series

Published: 13th January 2016
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It would be hard to find a watch lover who does not know Casio G-Shock series. This is especially tough watch. Designers wanted to create a watch that does not break. And so they did. The first G-Shock model was Casio DW-5000C and it took two years of hard and consistent work. More than three decades after these watches are still on the top of the worlds best sellers.

G-Shock Technology

All watches are designed that if they free-fall on flat surfaces, they would not be damaged. The band is made from urethane resin which acts as a shock absorber protecting watch. To prevent direct shocks from striking the glass and buttons a full urethane bezel gives all-directional enclosure. Unfortunately, designers could to cover all watch with urethane resin, because the case size. The solution was simple. Few points of urethane inside the case. Other important parts in the case are individually protected with cushioning material.

Casio G-Shock GA-1100-1AER

The unique black watch with a special bracelet which is made to perfectly fit on your wrist. Stainless steel and resin materials, built-in chronograph quartz movement and functions such as digital-compass, thermometer, world time, stopwatch, alarm and more.

Black G-shock

Casio G-Shock GA-100A-9AER

This watch not only has a bright yellow color, but will also stand out of the crowd with its big case design and multiple functions such as chronometer, alarm, stopwatch, 10 years lithium battery, two-hundred water resistancy, anti-magnetic structure.


Casio G-Shock GA-100CM-5AER

For soldiers and hunters we recommend this classic camouflage color watch with led light, world time, stopwatch, alarm, magnetic resistor, speed display and 200 M water resistancy.

Camouflage G-shock

Casio G-Shock GW-3000BD-1AER

Large case concept designed to look like an aircraft instrument panel. Metal side buttons enclosed by guards that protect against accidental damage. The band is fastened with stainless steel screws that add even more durability. Many other features like solar powered battery, tough movement and atomic timekeeping (adjusts itself to correct the time).