Feel the moment with Obaku watches

Published: 24th April 2016
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Obaku watches get their name from a branch of Japanese Zen philosophies. The philosophy emphasizes calmness and cleanness. It emphasizes a philosophy that designs to get you away from the unnecessary details, making it possible to focus only on the essential. You can certainly find examples of these concepts in the watches released from this Danish company.


OBAKU V173LXVWMV Ladies Classic Watch

This ladies watch from Obaku is a fine example of their precision and marvelous attention to detail. The watch features a metal bracelet, a round, stainless steel case, and a stainless steel clasp type. At the same time, take note that this watch features a water resistance rate of 3 BAR. With glass made from mineral, this is a beautiful watch that should easily stand the test of time. The mother of pearl dial color is something else you’ll want to keep in mind with this product. Don’t forget about the quartz battery either. Just one example of the ladies watches for Obaku.


OBAKU V158LEVNMN1 Ladies Classic Watch

Featuring 34x34 dimensions, this is another amazing offering from the range of ladies classic watches that are available. There is no question that the brown dial color of this particular item is going to present a bold, striking look for the wearer. The PVD rose planting decorations are another nice touch to this ladies classic watch that you’re going to want to keep in mind. There is something truly distinctive about this round, stainless steel watch from Obaku. In terms of water resistancy, you’ll want to note the 3 BAR rating.


OBAKU V170GMVBMB Mens Classic Watch

Not to be undone, the range of men’s watches from Obaku is well worth exploring in greater detail. Featuring an impressive blend of straightforward design and Dutch ingenuity, this men’s classic watch offers dimensions of 40x40x8. Coming at a weight of 88g, this round, stainless steel watch comes with a water resistancy of 3 BAR. The brown dial color and PVD rose planting decorations are worth keeping in mind with this particular watch, as well. This is a watch that is definitely suited to the task of giving you a stylish, sophisticated option to get you through your busy day.


OBAKU V179LEVNMN Ladies Classic Watch

Another example of the Obaku watches that are available for ladies, this watch offers a number of attractive features. This watch has dimensions of 32x32x5. The 41g weight comes with a bracelet length of 19cm, and it offers quartz movements. Furthermore, you’re going to want to be aware of the black dial color, the crystals and PVD rose plating for the decorations, and the round, stainless steel case. This watch also scores big on the water resistancy side of things, with a BAR of 3. You can find this watch appropriate for a wide variety of outfits, situations, or environments.


Obaku watches mean simplicity. If you know for a fact that this is a quality you are going to appreciate in a watch, check out what they have in the way of watches for men and watches for women.