Mido is a Swiss watchmaker that prizes its collections of luxury watches. Mido was one of the first to roll out a fascinating line of women’s watches that have a distinct design, which could be called more feminine. It was not the first company to make women’s watches but certainly one of the first that made timepieces visually stunning and fashionable, even for men. Mido has been associated with major automakers to have some designs inspired by the components of their luxury cars. Some companies Mido have worked with are Bugatti, Ford, Buick, Fiat and Excelsior among others. The most popular collections of Mido are Novelties, Multifort, Great Wall, Ocean Star Captain, All Dial, Mido Baroncelli Tonneau, Mido Belluna, Mido Commander Gold Limited Edition and Mido Commander Lady Diamonds.

Mido M022.

€876.99 RRP €1170.00

Mido M007.

€699.99 RRP €935.00

Mido M8605.4.18.1

€1145.99 RRP €1531.00

Mido M005.430.11.031.80

€641.99 RRP €856.00

Mido M8600.9.N6.1

€706.99 RRP €944.00

Mido M8608.4.21.1

€715.99 RRP €957.00

Mido M005.430.11.052.80

€665.99 RRP €889.00

Mido M005.929.11.031.00

€918.99 RRP €1227.00

Mido M8600.4.18.1

€607.99 RRP €810.00

Mido M8600.4.18.8

€556.99 RRP €744.00

Mido M016.

€749.99 RRP €1002.00

Mido M7600.3.10.4

€623.99 RRP €833.00

Mido M8608.3.21.4

€749.99 RRP €1002.00

Mido M8608.3.13.4

€749.99 RRP €1002.00

Mido M8607.3.10.4

€1414.99 RRP €1891.00

Mido M005.614.36.031.00

€1423.99 RRP €1902.00

Mido M8600.3.13.4

€623.99 RRP €833.00

Mido M010.408.11.053.00

€926.99 RRP €1238.00

Mido M021.431.16.071.00

€918.99 RRP €1227.00

Mido M8605.3.13.4

€1179.99 RRP €1576.00

Mido M005.430.16.031.80

€589.99 RRP €788.00