Since 1912, Fortis has established a formidable reputation as one of the oldest, most-respected makers of impeccable Swiss watches. They are the inventors of the first-ever mass-produced automatic wristwatch, and they have continued to remain committed to innovation. This is the company that has even made watches for the Russian space program. Back on earth, Fortis watches offer extraordinary products that combine form and function in one of the most impressive packages to be found anywhere. The Aviatis Collection is a good example of this, featuring watches that include sapphire crystals and anti-reflecting coating. These watches are built to be beautiful in their design, but they are also meant to last.

Fortis Tycoon 904.21.12L.38

€2128.99 RRP €3549.00

Fortis Terrestis Orchestra 900.20.31L.01

€1348.99 RRP €2249.00

Fortis Terrestis Orchestra 900.20.32L.38

€1348.99 RRP €2249.00

Fortis Marinemaster 671.15.45L.01

€1744.99 RRP €2909.00

Fortis Marinemaster 670.17.41K

€1006.99 RRP €1679.00

Fortis Team PC-7 647.10.91M

€1102.99 RRP €1839.00

Fortis B-42 Official Cosmonauts 647.27.11M

€1114.99 RRP €1859.00

Fortis B-42 Mariner Automatic 647.11.42.SI.02

€946.99 RRP €1579.00

Fortis B-42 Official Cosmonauts 638.10.11M

€1852.99 RRP €3089.00

Fortis F-4 Phantoms Phorever 635.10.91L.01

€1720.99 RRP €2869.00

Fortis Flieger Classic Automatic 597.11.11L

€1294.99 RRP €2159.00