100th CITIZEN anniversary in 2018

CITIZEN celebrated 100th anniversary at Baselworld in 2018, so manufacturer enters second century this year. Manufacturer unveiled new products that represents CITIZEN technologies, techniques which were developed past 100 years. Philosophy of watch making never changes. It is make best value watch for affordable price.

The question for “TIME” has always been CITIZEN essential element of watchmaking. What is Time? Manufacturer have been devoted themselves to pursuing the answer of this question, not only technologically, but also philosophically thinking about time for you and people all over the world.

Citizen developers repeatedly asked the questions and tried to find an answer. They can say this ceaseless question and answer is living history of our brand itself. Throughout it, they have deployed innovative technologies and techniques. For the world where lifestyle is always changing, they have crafted watches living in the changing the world such as watches powered by light, watches pursuing for it’s precision, professional sports watches or watches for wearing comfort.

CALIBER 0100 watches

CITIZEN path of watch making was literally the exploration of essence and new possibilities of watch making.

As the very first answer of our exploration of watchmaking in this second century of CITIZEN, they proudly announce watch Caliber 0100. It is a light powered watch with annual accuracy of ±1 second.

Ever since CITIZEN began to make watches, their challenge was to make a watch accurate to ±1 second per year. The challenge of achieving greater precision has been a key mission. In their quest for precision, they have never stopped to make it better.

This watch, caliber 0100 is a watch that keeps making the individual seconds beautifully and strongly in all their perfect purity. This is the crystallization of CITIZEN’s technology, craftsmanship and philosophy of watchmaking.

The second hand of a watch counts out 31,536,000 seconds every year. A watch with accuracy of ± 1 second per year must mark those millions of seconds with annual deviation within just one second. That is the challenge for near zero deviation. To mark the seconds with such perfect purity, all the watch individual components need to be made with greater precision and they needed to reorganize.

Even with these technologies for accuracy, deviation can occurs since the wristwatch is the thing worn with your wrist, which can be exposed with drastic temperature change, changes in position or external shocks.

To prevent every possibilities of deviation, CITZIEN applied systems to prevent any deviations like Temperature correction function which monitors the temperature of the movement every minute to adjust frequency of its crystal oscillator.

Shock counteraction, Automatic Hand correction, Antimagnetic functions were installed to this watch too. And this is of course powered by light. They have achieved to drive the movement having AT cut crystal oscillator with Eco-Drive. 

The long shining beautifully curved second hand made with brass, precisely printed minute track and curved dial. The perfect alignment of the second hand and the minute tracks is the physical expression of CITIZEN confidence in the ultraprecision of the watch.

All the every little components of this watch were designed under the theme of crystallization that expresses this watch is the crystallization of our technologies and technique as well as AT cut crystal oscillator used for this watch.

PROMASTER 30th anniversary in 2019

Back to 1989, these 3 watches for MARINE, LAND and SKY sports were brought to the market as the first PROMASTER watches. Since then, PROMASTER watches garnered a great deal of attention from world’s professionals as professional sports watches featuring CITIZEN innovative technologies.

It has been always a watch that combines functionality, durability and safety and the brand always stays with the message of “GO BEYOND”. The brand has always stayed close with extreme nature on Earth, with the professionals all around the world, which always passionate world’s explorer to go beyond. At the same time however, these nature are threat by some environmental issues.

In 2019, at the very memorial year for a such brand, CITIZEN launched a global campaign named “Save the BEYOND”, which aims to let people know about the current status of extreme nature threaten by climate change and the story of people who fight against that issue.

While planning and executing such communication campaign, CITZIEN launched products to celebrate its 30th anniversary all from SKY, MARINE and LAND categories. All of them have the design & functional element inspired by very first model of PROMASTER.

Some of CITIZEN 2019 novelties are already available at Optimus WATCHES. Some of them will be delivered at the beginning of September.

In next blog OW team will present you four main technologies why CITIZEN is well-know brand over all world.


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