We promised you to inform more about four CITIZEN watches technologies in the last blog post (find it here). So, as you already know, CITIZEN produces a lot of firsts and bests watches for already 100 years. Huge investments to R&D, innovations made CITIZEN watches well-known brand worldwide. 

Here are four main CITIZEN technologies we would like to introduce you:

ECO-DRIVE technology was invented in 1976 as big competitor for Quartz movements, which needs batteries. As well, it was introduced as eco-friendly movement, because this technology uses best source of power – light. Any light can be converted to power for the CITIZEN watch. All energy excess is accumulated in power cell. For this reason Eco-Drive watches can operate for over six months (some models can run less than six months) in dark places and do not need to change battery.

Some Eco-Drive watches have extra features such as Insufficient Charge Warning (you will receive an alert that watch needs light once second hand starts to jump in 2 seconds intervals). More expensive models have Power Saving Function which allows to stop all hands once watch is in dark to save energy. Third function is Light Level Indicator, which helps to see you intensity of the light.


SUPER TITANIUM technology was invented in 1970 once CITIZEN introduced first titanium watch in world. This technology makes watches five times harder than stainless steel and customer can feel lightweight comfort. SUPER TITANIUM can be described as light, scratch and rust resistant and gentle on the skin.

Technology is made by treating solid titanium with CITZEN patented surface-hardening technology (DURATECT) to get this level of hardness. CITIZEN watches parts with SUPER TITANIUM technology are 40 % lighter than with stainless steel. Solid titanium is naturally gentle on the skin, so it will not make any allergies as nickel or other metals can make. As well, watches with SUPER TITANIUM technology are highly resistant to corrosion which can be caused by salt water (manufacturer recommends to clean watch regularly).


SATELLITE WAVE GPS is one more unique CITIZEN technology which allows to receive your position and time signal from GPS (Global Positionint System) satellites. For this reason your watch time and date are precisely updated. Technology was invented in 2011 and covers 38 world’s time zone, so you can receive signal to snowy mountain, sea or even desert. If you are traveling in United States, Australia and have to cross multiple time zone, you don’t have to worry with CITIZEN watch, because you will be able to receive correct time and date with only one button push.

CITIZEN watches with Satellite Wave GPS technology have high accuracy of ±5 seconds per month. As well, CITIZEN created first watch, which can receive signal as fast as 3 seconds in 2015. All satellite wave watches have a combination with Eco-Drive technology.


First CITIZEN RADIO-CONTROLLED watch was introduced to market in 1993 and manufacturer continue to lead in this field. Radio-controlled watches receive a time and date signal from an atomic clock (accurate to 1 second every 100 000 years), so you will be sure that watch will always tell you precise time and date. All radio-controlled watches have a combination with Eco-Drive technology. Radio signal is being received every day of the week, so you don’t have to worry about resetting your watch anymore. Ever!


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